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Letterpress Day in pictures

12 Feb

Here are a few photos from the Letterpress course I taught at the Cardiff Open Art School, where we explored both traditional and more playful approaches to the printing of type. ‘Twas a pleasure to run this course – and there’ll be more of these coming in the spring. Keep an eye on the COAS website for future courses (dates to be confirmed shortly).

Two of the people on the course were graphic designers / illustrators, so we had  a lot to talk about. So this weekend’s recommendation is the work of Lucy Daniels, greeting card extraordinaire and Matt Joyce, who works at Cardiff design studio See What You Mean. 

There’s to be a printmaking exhibition… showcasing work produced in the print-related evening and day classes run by COAS. It’ll be held at Howard Gardens campus so you can see some of the photographed work for real. Plus I’ll be putting some of my screen prints in which is exciting – at tomorrow’s class I’ll be printing an 8-fold book called ‘Did you know that flapjacks can rhyme?’ – pictures to be posted here soon.

Ladies of Letterpress: a weekend workshop in pictures…

7 Aug

Fonts galore! Messy inks turning our prints into all kinds of colours on an old Adana 6×4 letterpress and a cute little flat bed. Welcome to a peek at this weekend’s Letterpress workshops, as part of the COAS Summerschool. Big thanks to Heather, Ruby and Nanna for taking part and creating some fantastic prints and designs. Below are some pictures to give you an idea of what we did…

All pictures copyright Sarah Edmonds / the artists!

The Letterpress weekend course at Howard Gardens will run again next year. Keep checking the WORKSHOPS page for news of forthcoming classes / creative get togethers etc. We four ladies of letterpress from this weekend hope to meet again (sounds like the witches of Macbeth!) for a crafty catch up!

I was pleased to win a load of interesting type on eBay last week, which should be arriving in the post very soon. Expect some further letterpress play coming soon from me!

An evening of letterpress…

5 Jan

I have had a delightful time tonight playing with my letterpress. The picture shows the Adana 5 x 3 in action, with the first few lines from Edward Lear’s poem ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ set in 12pt Times Bold in the chase. Card, tracing paper, old book pages, fabric – even wall paper – are all great surfaces upon which to press type.  A few of the things in the picture are in preparation for some small books. Others are for fun, as printing  is very addictive! to the point that I was mischievously searching around the room for further things to print upon. I also have an 8 x 5 press which needs a new roller and a good oiling on a rainy afternoon…

WANTED: Large metal type above 30pt in size, or any wooden type. Please contact me if you, or you know of anyone who has some to sell / swap / barter. Thanks!