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It’s book making time…

18 Aug

As well as designing the odd book cover I love handmade books – folding and filling, cutting, covering and drawing in them. They are great houses for stories and illustrations – and right now, I’m planning a limited edition envelope book to accompany the forthcoming Shoe Tales exhibition, in September.  I’ll put a picture up of the work in progress in a couple of days. Meanwhile, have a look at these:

This book is about an old man who walks up and down his village while he waits for a visitor. It’s a folded book, the pages cut out in the shapes of houses, then a separate strip of card with the text on it threaded through the doors.

More of these little story books coming soon!

The first version of the Shoe Tales postcard book – photocopies of the original postcard stories are fixed in a folded book. It has a very neat finish, but I want the final edition to be more interactive!

A great book I’m reading – Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce Your Own Book – has some great tips for making books by hand, and ideas aplenty!