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Dispatches from Tranås: open day, exhibitions & experiments

16 Aug

There’s a noticeable freshness to the air this week. The lake feels a few degrees colder and in the forest nearby the rowan berries and rosehips are glowing a rich red. Autumn is on its way – and it is not long until the end of the Residency so I’ve been eager to make the most of the time left here. Working to deadlines has always benefited me creatively – wherever there’s a constraint, time, space, colour – then my designs become more playful and less forced.

So it was helpful last Saturday to have an open house here in Kraftverket – and the night before I was busily screen printing more patterns to display at the event.

Here is a picture of my exhibition – a collection of pattern prints inspired by second hand and antique objects.

open day1


My work is now on display for a week in the window of antique shop Inspiration ab. The screen prints are surrounded by the objects that inspired them – from an old kettle to a traditionally painted cockered to a globe that lights up. This little exhibition will be up for a week – so for those of you reading who live in Tranas, please take a look. Otherwise, enjoy this picture:


This week I have been playing with other techniques, now that the second hand patterns project feels complete. Here are some things I’ve made using water pens to draw with watercolour paints, and also some paper cut designs.
lamps pattern
geometric birds
houses jetties
birds for Emma

I’m also working towards creating an explorers’ map of the second hand shops – loppis – in Tranås. Pictures coming soon. It’s just one week left here now – I’m planning to make the most of it!

New Welsh Cakes Recipe Print & other Autumn happenings

5 Oct

This week I have mostly been printing a new design – an illustrated recipe for Welsh Cakes – at the Printhaus.  I grew up with this recipe, as my mum used to bake around 100 or more Welsh cakes each week to sell at the WI market. Here it is as a screen print for the kitchen in bright, homely colours.

These will be on sale this Sunday at the Snapped Up market at the Printhaus in Cardiff. They will shortly be on sale in my online shop, and also on a new site called The Welsh Gift shop, set up by my good friend Becca to sell and celebrate Welsh artists, writers and crafts.

Here’s a poster for Snapped Up with all the details, do come along and say hi! I’m also looking forward to it, as a friend from America is sending a messenger bearing a delivery of quince (quinces?) from his mum’s house in Cardiff. Yum!

In other news I have two courses coming up at Cardiff Open Art School (Howard Gardens). These are in Book binding, on Saturday 20 October, and Festive lino / letterpress print making on Saturday 10 November. All details are on the COAS website – do have a look and come along!

I’ve been pretty active on Pinterest recently, collecting all sorts of delightful and unusual pictures. You can view my page here.

Finally, here’s a little visual story, of Lionel, The Marrow Who Became Jam. And what lovely jam it is (Marrow, Apple and Ginger, to be precise)

Next up: Blackberry Jam, or ‘Dead Good Jam’, made with berries courtesy of Cathays cemetery.

Have good weekends, all!

Did you know flapjacks can rhyme? They can and they do in this screenprint.

13 Feb

Here are some beginnings to my latest printed book, which charts my recipe for rhyming flapjack. As the second colour is still fresh from the screen, I haven’t yet cut and folded the page into its final book form. But as ever, I’m impatient and excited about the finished piece so wanted to put it up here for all to see. Completed, the finished piece will be launched at Ffotogallery’s Book Arts Fayre on Saturday 25 February.

The detail is printed in a dark and dusty plum colour, chosen carefully to contrast (some might say clash) with the yellow borders and backgrounds. The books will be available in the shop from early March.

Below – from last week, a finished print of the Hooper House Cafe, a photo stencil based on the Bristol Cafe which fed us toast and jam. I may even develop this design to create a book based around a shop which sells something more far-fetched or absurd!

We are going to Falmouth in less than two days to visit the fabulous Katy and Ben. I am very excited and will be packing lomo camera and sketchbook (and anticipation of the Seasalt sale shop).