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Workshops, recipes and things to do

26 May

I’ve added some new dates and classes to the WORKSHOPS page – so please do have a look and let me know if  you’re interested in taking one! I’m hoping that following the madness of May, June will give me some more time to make my own work and develop some ideas that are but scribbles on paper-scraps at present.

The Hand Drawn Recipes Blog is bang up to date, with recipes for Fish Pie and Chocolate Brownies available for your delight and delectation. Both are tried, tested and delicious!!

Click on the sample page of the pie recipe below to visit the site.

Here are some things in the pipeline / to do! If you see me perhaps give me a gentle prod and see if I’ve finished anything!?

Here goes…

  • Finish designing Elanor’s Wedding Invites (to be posted up here once complete)
  • Go into production with the Verb Garden Project (all of the parts are printed now, just need to start assembling them). They will be on sale in the SHO Gallery from late summer. As well as more new work.
  • Illustrate a character for Word-up letterpress piece
  • Continue working on Dark things / light things lotus binding (coming soon!).
  • Plan workshops in more depth for the SHO Gallery
  • Subscribe to Uppercase Magazine – and possibly be tempted by their book bundle.
  • Plant out Butternut Squashes into the freshly compost-strewn earth.
  • Take the plunge and get a smartphone? (converted by the possibility of a diabetes app! and of course a working phone)
  • Write and make a recipe and send to Alex. Any ideas?
  • Find a new book to read. Any recommendations?

One thing I have just finished is reading Kafka On The Shore. Well worth a read if you get hold of a copy. I may even leave mine somewhere, wrapped in brown paper ready for a new owner. I’ll let you know.

I keep starting things and not finishing them.


Hand Drawn Recipes

5 Mar

Hand Drawn Recipes
is brought to you by the fabulous Alex Williams and myself. We are sending each other recipes through the post, with each one being hand written and often made into a book.

Now that we’re a few recipes into our project we’re going to share them for you to try / see what we’re up to. Curious? Click HERE to head on over to the Hand Drawn Recipes blog, where recipe no. 1 awaits you…