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Where I’ll be: events and markets

15 Nov

November is a busy month for the illustration work I do (more on that soon) but I’m also looking forward to emerging from my drawing cave to show my work and sell prints, stationary and homewares at two festival fairs.

Humble by Nature Open Evening and Exhibition

Open Evening: Friday 22nd November 2013, 7pm – 9pm

Humble by Nature is hosting an exhibition of local artists in the Long Barn at the farm. All the artists have a strong connection with the farm, either living, working or teaching there. The artists include Sarah Edmonds, Beca Beeby, Amanda Rayner, Farmer Tim Stephens and Leigh Griffiths. Find out more about the artists here.

The artists work in a variety of media based on the natural world. Whether it’s wood, willow, cast iron or prints inspired by nature, the exhibition will encourage viewers to reconnect with their environment. Visitors will be encouraged to touch the exhibits and feel the beauty of the natural materials as well as appreciate their visual aesthetic.

The exhibition will be on display for course and event attendees at the farm. It is open to the public for the Open Evening event on Friday 22nd November from 7pm until 9pm.

For more details please call 01600 714595 or emailinfo@humblebynature.com.


I’ll also be having stalls at the following seasonal markets, in Cardiff and Monmouth. I’ll be launching some new stationary products, bags and prints (previews coming next week). Accompanying me to both events will be the wonderful Catkin Boutique, run by my talented school friend Nicola Barter.

Rhiwbina’s Handmade Market
Sunday 24 November, 12 – 5 pm
Rhiwbina Memorial Hall, Cardiff

handmade market

click here to visit the Facebook page for more information about the event.


The Boutique Christmas Market
Sunday 1 December, 11 – 3 pm
Shire Hall, Monmouth

The Boutique Christmas Market

I’m donating a Dish and Spoon screen print to the raffle in support of fantastic charity Sands.
Also heading to this market is The Welsh Gift Shop, do check them out!

click here to visit The Boutique Market ‘s Facebook page for more information.

Shop online

If you’re unable to attend either market, I have prints etc for sale in my online shop here

Dispatches from Tranås: open day, exhibitions & experiments

16 Aug

There’s a noticeable freshness to the air this week. The lake feels a few degrees colder and in the forest nearby the rowan berries and rosehips are glowing a rich red. Autumn is on its way – and it is not long until the end of the Residency so I’ve been eager to make the most of the time left here. Working to deadlines has always benefited me creatively – wherever there’s a constraint, time, space, colour – then my designs become more playful and less forced.

So it was helpful last Saturday to have an open house here in Kraftverket – and the night before I was busily screen printing more patterns to display at the event.

Here is a picture of my exhibition – a collection of pattern prints inspired by second hand and antique objects.

open day1


My work is now on display for a week in the window of antique shop Inspiration ab. The screen prints are surrounded by the objects that inspired them – from an old kettle to a traditionally painted cockered to a globe that lights up. This little exhibition will be up for a week – so for those of you reading who live in Tranas, please take a look. Otherwise, enjoy this picture:


This week I have been playing with other techniques, now that the second hand patterns project feels complete. Here are some things I’ve made using water pens to draw with watercolour paints, and also some paper cut designs.
lamps pattern
geometric birds
houses jetties
birds for Emma

I’m also working towards creating an explorers’ map of the second hand shops – loppis – in Tranås. Pictures coming soon. It’s just one week left here now – I’m planning to make the most of it!

Blackstock’s Collection: The Drawings of an Artistic Savant (I wish there was wallpaper like this)

24 Jun

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. My veg garden is being very demanding : the potatos look like a small forest, bean plants more like beanstalks and an onslaught of over 50 pumpkin/squash hybrids sprung unannounced from the compost heap. I now have 4 glorious days off work to get some stuff done. Including visiting the Cardiff School of Art and Design degree show (last day today), research for forthcoming workshops, making stuff, drawing, digging and resting.

Book for today: Blackstock’s Collections: the drawings of an Artistic Sauvant.

Blackstock is autistic and an artistic savant. He creates visual lists of everything from wasps to hats to emergency vehicles to noisemakers. “Blackstock’s Collections” contains over 100 extraordinary examples of his splendidly original taxonomy, offering a unique look inside the mind of a man making sense of life through art. He has simplified the subtle differences between ‘families’ of objects and animals. I would love this as wallpaper, or pages pasted up randomly around my house so I could absorb these facts so cleverly drawn.

Check it OUT – click on the book’s front cover to visit Amazon.

I have a few things to post up (and hopefully more bits I’ll make and draw over the long weekend). Breakfast now!

Verb Garden

6 Apr

Mishearing can be the beginning of a new idea, a strange word, a fresh language. When I heard ‘Verb Garden’ instead of ‘Herb Garden’ I wanted to make a book / environment to portray this idea. The format of the ‘room’ book is an exciting technique I plan to explore further. Verb Garden – seed of knowledge – changing language – translation – wordplay…were some of the ideas surrounding this piece. To see further photographs of this piece, click HERE.

I printed the outsides with letterpress type (here you can see the chosen prints following my printmaking session!), and the inside lettering is produced on a typewriter. The tap-dance rhythm of typewriter keys is music to my ears!

Verb Garden will be exhibited at the Slunks Hair Design Gallery from April 8: click HERE for more information and head on up there to visit the piece, plus work by a range of talented Cardiff artists.

Limited edition / unique Verb Gardens will be available to purchase soon. Get in touch if you would like further details  / keep an eye on the blog for updates!

Transform and tinker…

2 Mar

This is a recipe for escape – an altered book – is now complete and installed in the Book Arts Exhibition at Cardiff Central library together with other bits of my work. Here is a spread from the finished piece – click on the image to look further inside this book.

If you want to have a go yourself at altering books and tinkering with text, I am running a 2 – day weekend workshop  on 16 – 17 April, as part of Cardiff Open Art School.

During two intensive day-sessions you will learn how to revamp an old book with all sorts of paper-cuts, pop-ups, folding and gluing. Taking inspiration from contemporary book and paper artists, you will alter the content and shape of the original pages and gain an insight into how to completely transform the size, shape and function of a book. The book will be your canvas, and your task to use what it already contains to create something unique.

Click here for further details and to book your place.

In researching altered books and paper sculpture I’ve come across some stunning artwork, a few pieces of which I’d like to share:

The incredible book sculptures of Brian Dettmer, crafted from encyclopaedias, dictionaries and antique texts:

Brian Dettmer Altered Dictionary

The living breathing creatures that are Georgia Russell’s paper-cuts:

and the magical worlds which grow from the pages of Su Blackwell’s books:

Click on each image to link to the artists’ websites, see more examples of their work and find out a little more about the ways to tinker and transform books and paper.

Excuse me…

20 Feb

Here are some things I’ve been doing recently – in between workshops & events & visits & planning forthcoming Edinburgh trip & general juggling.

An illustration that began on a list of tapas dishes:

Click here to see the original drawing in my mangle sketchbook…

I’ve also discovered that empty tea boxes can become book covers with some nifty scissorwork:

Click here to see the inside of this book, and further experiments in book covering…

and I’m preparing work for an exhibition taking place in March to celebrate International Women’s Day:

Come and have a look and tell people about this, lots of brilliant book artists exhibiting!

Between then and now – what I’ve been up to this September

16 Sep

In the time between the last blog post and this, I’ve mainly been busy compiling all the material for the Shoe Tales project exhibition, at Milkwood Gallery on Friday 24th September! The production line includes, so far, double sided concertina books which tell the story of the project on one side, and display a small selection of postcards on the other.  My spare room is also brimming with charity shop picture frames, postcard enlargements, donated old shoes, lots of brown paper – all in all, it’s a hive of activity.

So: here’s what’s happening for Shoe Tales:

Friday 24th September – Monday 18th October
Milkwood Gallery, 41 Lochaber Street, Roath, Cardiff.
Important dates for your diary!

– Friday 24th September: Exhibition opening party, 6.00 – 9.00 pm at Milkwood Gallery
The Shoe Tales exhibition opens its doors and kicks off with a bit of a party! View the display of all postcards received by the project in an installation which also gives viewers a chance to tell their own stories and add to the Shoe Tales showcase.
* * *
– Saturday 25th September: Shoe Decoration Workshop, 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm at Milkwood Gallery
Shoe decoration: turning old shoes into works of art!
Bring a pair of your old shoes that you no longer wear (or that are no longer wearable) and revamp them as a work of art!
Materials such as fabric scraps, needles and thread, wire, paper and other odds and ends will be provided to magic your forgotten footwear into something spectacular!
Suitable for all ages.
Under 18s £4.50, adults £8.00 to take part.  Limited places available – to book  a place contact Milkwood Gallery: 029 20473373
* * *
-Saturday 9th October: Shoe Tales at the Book Arts Fayre, Ffotogallery, Turner House, Penarth. 11am – 4pm
Come along to Ffotogallery for a day of zines, artists’ books and handmade pages: the concertina books which will accompany the exhibition will be on display and sale.
More information: http://ffotogallerybookartsfayre.wordpress.com/
* * *
-Sunday 10th October:  Book Making workshop, 3.00 pm – 5.30 pm at Milkwood Gallery
So you’ve written a poem, made a list, found a quote. You’ve doodled something at work or cut something out of a magazine. Want a book to put it in?
Take part in a book making workshop, where you can learn how to make envelope books, scrap books, folded books and books with pockets to hold letters, keepsakes and even postcards!
All materials will be provided, just bring yourself and friends.
Suitable for all ages.
Under 18s £4.50, adults £8.00 to take part. Limited places available, to book a place contact Milkwood Gallery: 029 2047 3373

For further information about the Shoe Tales project, visit http://www.shoetales.co.uk <http://www.shoetales.co.uk&gt;
Shoe Tales is on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?

See you there!