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On dyeing one’s left hand a peculiar shade of plum

7 Dec

Why am I always on a creative roll at bedtime? 10 in the evening strikes and I’m go-go-go having ideas about colours, getting all the printing kit out to have a look (and a sneaky go) and thoughts about potential illustrations pop into my brain. Little does it matter that I have to get up early for work, or that I stayed up late last night and surfaced bug-eyed and inky fingered this morning.

It’s all the fault of this delightful printing press (she says, blaming the instrument). I love all kinds of printing. It’s addictive. Cathartic. Hypnotic….and messy! Having not had a go at lino – cutting for a couple of years I decided to carved this year’s Christmas cards using that pleasing technique. I’m planning on using the press for printing with some of my brass type as well.

So here are some photos of this evening’s activity. I accidentally printed a lot more cards than planned (read 60!), mainly due to discovering some new colourways as I went along.

The first design is based on George, the new hound in our family. He’s a very good dog. In this print he is advising a mouse, who is offering up a mince pie, to stay warm. I’m quite fond of his little house in the background and the fact that I got the letters the right way around… Below are some of the different colour combinations.

Finding innovative places to dry the prints…

Oh! Look at them all, they’re multiplying

And onto the second design. A fat robin singing as it sleighs with gay abandon down the hill. Last year I went faster than ever in a home-made sledge and it was totally worth it for the cough afterwards. So this one’s for the fun and frolics of the snow. Snow works out a treat in lino – you just carve out lots of little dots and you’re sorted.

In other news, this week I picked up the latest issue of the fabulous Oh Comely Magazine which brightened up a train ride immensely. The secret crush anecdotes are very well written and the illustration, as always, is brilliant. There is also an article which plots in detail the history of biscuits. Marvellous.

So technically today has now become tomorrow, and at just gone midnight I should be a good girl and head bed-wards. The ink decorating  (staining) my cuticles and nails will be a fond memory of a crazy night’s printing, if indeed I start feeling too sensible at my desk in the morning. Roll on weekend .