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New Cards and Prints for Spring

3 Mar

I had a great day last weekend at Rhiwbina’s Handmade Market, organised excellently as ever by the wonderful April.  So many people and wonderful makers. Every time I do a market, I like to create something new to launch, and have now added several items to my online shop, which I’ve shared below.

Firstly, a card inspired by my Mum & Dad’s flock of fleecy Jacobs. This one is lino printed (using waterbased ink for a nice wooly texture) and then embellished with black brush pen and a greeny-gold crayon. I enjoyed drawing the ewe from life – in a blustery field whilst being hassled by some impatient chickens…

IMG_0915This would make a great greetings card or, more timely, something for Mothers’ day. Click here to buy on Etsy.
I have also produced a run of prints, which will be listed soon.

Next up, we have a rather intriguing situation – a greeting from one unicorn to another, through the medium of cake. I’m sure that, if unicorns existed, they would most certainly do this.
IMG_0911Click here to purchase this card online

Here is the final card in the current collection – some mischievous carrots playing games underground. Vegetables do sometimes look like little people don’t they! I have plans for a larger piece including more raucous roots. I doodled this on the iPad using ProCreate.

IMG_0913Click here to buy the Carrots card online.

Last but not least, after several requests, I have created a Welsh version of the popular Tits poster. Huge thanks to Ann Hemmings from the Welsh Gift Shop for sending me the translated names. Titws Tomos las is my favourite.

titws framed welshThe poster is available as an unframed A4 or A3 print from my Etsy Shop.

I’ll be posting up a fair bit this week, due to four illustration commissions / projects now being completed! More coming soon about them 🙂


Last week in Tranås – explorers’ map and bird patterns

22 Aug

In time for this weekend’s art festival here in Tranås I’ve completed an illustrated map of the antique and second hand shops in town. It folds down to A6 size – and out into a one sheet map locating 10 shops to visit. There’s also a rating system so visitors can colour in stars depending on how much they like each shop, and a notes area to jot down what bargains or treasures they discovered. These are being printed for the tourist centre, and also distributed to all 10 of the shops on the map. I am pleased to be able to leave something useful for the community alongside the workshops in book binding and screen printing that I ran during my stay. Transition Tranås will also be using the map. Here are some pictures:





Here is a photo of my first customers for the map – a German couple who were visiting the Eriksberg Museum for a tour of the fur exhibition with Gustav. I loved their matching jumpers.

german visitors and map

Here is a geometric bird design – screen printed onto fabric last week. I’m looking forward to working with this design some more.
geometric birds

T shirt printed with the bird design – it also looks like Matt here has a feathery front, out in his natural habitat….


So, today is my last day in Tranås, where I have been living and working as an artist in residence for just over 5 weeks. Here I have had the opportunity to create, explore and develop my practice as a printmaker and designer, as well as take in some very beautiful surroundings. I’m therefore very grateful to Kultivera, to Eva, Peter, Colm and Elisabeth for such a warm weclome here; to Carl and Soren at Epic Youth Centre for letting me use their screen printing facilities; and to the antique and second hand shops for allowing me to draw the objects in their shops. I’ve got many more ideas for patterns and illustrations to create when I get home. I’m bringing some examples of work back home to Wales and am planning an exhibition next year. What I’m also taking home is a renewed creative mindset – to making time within my practice to play. I’ve found that I’ve been most productive when  experimenting with new ideas, new techniques, rather than trying to plan a design from the start. The pieces of work that grow by themselves, more spontaneously, have often been the beginning of stronger designs. I have some exciting projects on the way this Autumn – including an interactive children’s book and another map design. More news on this soon. 


Here we all are. It’s been a blast – thanks guys x

Some illustrations from recent sketchbookery

13 Aug

Hello there. It’s about time I added some drawings here, as I’ve mostly been working in a sketchbook recently, drawing out some ideas and playing with my new white pen. So below are an assortment of birds (I think my favourite is Leonard, wearing a Steve Zissou inspired seafaring hat), and a tree bearing pencils, not plums. Our plum tree hasn’t produced a single one this year. Hoping that the blackberries do better.

Anyway, here they are!

Also, whilst in London last week I ventured into Covent Garden and spent some time in Neal’s Yard. A treasure of a place squeezed between two streets. A feast of good things – remedies, pastries, tea – and bright colours, so let me share this photo with you:


Do follow me on Pinterest, by the way. I’m putting most of my links to inspiring artwork and pictures on here, now. From creatures to bicycles and pattern design to Scandinavia, it’s good to see these images alongside each other.

Last but not least, I’ve recently taught a couple of classes as part of the Cardiff Open Art School’s Summer programme. I’ll be doing some more workshops in the Autumn (including festive lino-cut and letterpress, Book binding and Make Your Own Advent Calendar) and will post the dates/details up here shortly.

Here’s a photo of one of the pieces produced in the Letterpress class: we experimenting with not inking up the text and instead just pressing it, to create this lovely embossed effect. The theme of the day was first lines of books, and this one is a classic!

Have a marvellous week…



New year’s illustrations

2 Jan

Happy New Year!
To kickstart 2012, here are some pieces I did over the past week, followed by a few recommendations for your interest and enjoyment.

This illustration began as a continuous line drawing, followed by some photoshop techniques similar to those used when creating Alan . Perhaps it will become a series? On boxing day the Devon village of Meavy played host to a merry crowd of Morris dancers, who entertained locals with music and revelry over lunchtime. Their costumes are based on the colours of Dartmoor – the sky, the ground, the rocks and the heather.

I have no idea where this one came from – perhaps the blustery December weather blowing birds off course? This stormy image has been in my head for a while. I enjoyed mixing watercolours into moody and brooding hues to create the clouds, and illustrating the power that storms bring through the little girl about to open her umbrella at the lightning. Today there was a spectacular hail storm in Cardiff – getting caught out in these really blow away the cobwebs!

Pretty self explanatory really. Curled up by the fire at our friend Ben’s house, while the boys talked motorbikes, I started sketching the rows of vintage plates, mugs and other miscellaneous crockery balanced on the dresser. The first drawing in my new Moleskeine notebook.


Now – here are a few recommendations to get the year off to a good start.

Present And Correct: online purveyors of stylish stationary, vintage prints and all kinds of ephemera to jazz up your desk. Such as these index cards (pictured below) – click here to find out more!

– Christian Northeast’s XYZ blocks:

Alternative wooden alphabet blocks with vibrant and humourous illustrations. Christian Northeast has created this toy, for adults and children alike, for American company Fred and Friends. You can purchase the blocks here in the UK. His graphics, lettering and paintings have a lot of texture and warmth, and I admire his use of bright colours.


An enlightening talk, courtesy of the Society of Illustrators website, by Stephen Savage on Illustrating Bedtime Books. I got some great ideas from watching this – from thinking about characters and the impact of the image, to working with existing stories and authors.

My next creative task is to decide on which Outside a Dog colour ways to print and then sell on the internet and in real shops. I’ve also got my eye on some William Morris fabric on ebay. Right now though I’m going to go and watch the new Sherlock for a second time -the joy that is BBC iPlayer!