Here are a few images from various sketchbooks – the place of experiment, work in progress and ideas…

A selection of the sketches made during artist residency in Tranas, Sweden

Men who worked in the fur industry
sketch Vadstena
young men old times

Sketches / drawings made during a trip to Sweden: Stockholm, Kiruna Uppsala and the journeys between them.

01_Plane Window
02_Sofia Kyrka
03_Gamla Stan
03_Gamla Stan_Horse
04_Urban Deli
06_Train Window
07_Archway trees
09_House and Ski Slope
10_Dog Sled
12_Kiruna Mine
13_Sweden sketchbook 011
14_group of bikes

As you can see, I like drawing birds: Pigeon working

Pencil Tree


Tarquin and Astrid

Bjorn and Leonard

And cabins Cabins

Here are some sketches I made in Paris

BabarHorse drawing

Bookshop drawing

This is a  play on the irish elk skeleton at National Museum Cardiff:

Pencil and collage elk

Ruby, a family friend’s Kune Kune pig. Sketched by hand, coloured digitally.


My postcard from Cardiff, for the Big Little City exhibition in Cardiff Postcard Example: Wild GarlicTrip to North Wales

View from Eagle Rock via Barry the Beekeper

Drawing of Guto Dafis Three hatsMy mum’s rocking chair Rocking Chair

One Response to “Sketchbook”

  1. francesca kay at 11:21 pm #

    I love the very well named birds – especially Tarquin the Puffin!

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