An adventure to Malmö

9 Aug

On Tuesday Amanda, Hanneke and I took a fast train to Malmö. It’s a small and creative city where a lot of artists, designers and creative people have moved.  We visited the Form Design Center on Lilla Torg, run by Svensk Form (the Swedish Association of Crafts and Design). There we saw an exhibition called What’s Up North? which features a selection of illustrators from across all of the Scandinavian countries.

Visiting the design shops in this central area was also like attending a gallery, as we admired the patterns, styles and colours used to create bold and functional pieces of clothing, kitchenware and jewellery. It was a joy to visit shop of Finnish designers Marimekko – who have long been one of my favourites for their vibrant, nature inspired patterns!

Then we made our way to the Davidshall area where the independent and second hand stores are located. There was so much there that I loved – but of course am unable to take home (shakes fist at Ryanair luggage allowance). So I took a few sneaky photos to remember the places by.

petite violette

I think my favourite places was a shop called Liebling on Davidshall 8 – wonderful dresses and cosmetics and handmade shoes…  I was also lusting after a brilliant array of Villeroy and Boch Acapulco china found in an antique shop, which was  too expensive / heavy –  so I’ll be keeping an eye out for some when I get home.

Then we wandered through a beautiful park, past the Castle where the city museums are located, to the Hamnen / harbour, where we could see Copenhagen and the Øresund Bridge across the sea as it was such a clear day. We also went to look at the Turning Torso apartment block – which is very tall and looks like it’s falling towards you when you look up at it! Below is a typical cheesy visitor snap to give an idea of scale. I came away with a lot of ideas and inspiration, and shall definitely return, with more time than just a day to explore further. I would certainly recommend this friendly and vibrant city to anyone.


One Response to “An adventure to Malmö”

  1. Christina Häggstam August 13, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

    I just love Form Design Center/Christina

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