Sweden: sketchbook and other snippets

14 May

In April this year I spent 10 days in Sweden. My design work is largely influenced by Scandinavia so I went equipped with a sketchbook and some fat crayons for scribbling, doodling and observing my surroundings. I chose the details from each day which gave me a slice of Swedish life; a hidden museum, a fancy dress party, a volvo engulfed by a snow drift, a journey by train to beyond the arctic circle.

I drew the sights I saw in order to remember them even more.. What follows are a few images from my sketch book, a mixture of messy sketches and more polished studies. Visit the SKETCHBOOK PAGE to view my whole visual diary. 

03_Gamla Stan_Horse
10_Dog Sled 09_House and Ski Slope

The drawings are being featured in  online cultural magazine Wales Arts Review from this Friday as a visual essay. Each drawing will be accompanied by brief notes for context. I’ll post the link up here, as well as the full text, on the weekend.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos of some textiles; braids from Sami / Lapland heritage, and some jolly table linen acquired in the second hand shops in Uppsala. In Uppsala we visited a flea market and bagged the bargain of our own Dala Horse for a fraction of the tourist price.

Table runner


horse close up


Plus, a cultural vending machine at the Kultur Hus near Stockholm C:

A quirky window display featuring carved wooden figures staring at each other suspiciously.

A typographic triumph of a window display  on Gamla Stan

Colourful sign in a dry cleaners’ window in Uppsala

2 Responses to “Sweden: sketchbook and other snippets”

  1. odilets May 15, 2013 at 5:41 am #

    You are talented and gifted! Lovely drawings and Alfred is wonderful!:) haha

  2. Shelagh Weeks May 15, 2013 at 9:16 am #

    You’re so talented; they’re beautiful, vibrant drawings (love the dogs and the train tracks)

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