Milgi Mural and Mugs

4 May

I was recently asked by Cardiff’s Milgi Lounge to draw on their front window. Every few weeks they invite an illustrator to create an eye catching mural to grab the attention of punters, passers-by and drivers waiting for the lights to change at the junction. My drawing coincides with Roath’s Made in Spring Festival. Inspired by my recent trip to Sweden (in which we travelled over 1000 kilometres by train from Stockholm to the Arctic), and the film The Darjeeling Limited, I decided on a train which had been taken over by a gang of jovial animals. The picture of James McAvoy on my fridge may have influenced a certain Mr. Tumnus the faun also joining in the fun.

These photos show inspiration, planning, details and then the finished mural.

train reference

flipped image


Photo1_Milgi Window

Photo2_Milgi Window

Go and visit it in the next fortnight or so if you’re in the area!

Dala Horse Mugs: now available to buy online

mug pic 3

Following a successful launch day at the Art Carbootique, the Dala Horse mugs are now available to buy online. In bright orange and teal, they are a cheery addition to your kitchen, desk and coffee table. £7.00 + p&p: click here to visit my e-shop.

Next up – drawings and photographs from Sweden.


3 Responses to “Milgi Mural and Mugs”

  1. francesca kay May 5, 2013 at 8:37 am #

    I really like the jovial badger examining his glass of wine!

  2. Martha July 31, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Hello from a Scandi-maniac. Ive just come across your website and I can see lots of items inspired by Scandinavia. Love the Dala mug and I’ve just placed my order for it.
    Will surely be back to your blog. x

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