Mugs and prints for the Art Car Bootique

11 Apr

This Sunday I will be having a stall at the Art Car Bootique at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

In preparation I have been busy squirrelling away in the Printhaus and studio to create, at long last, my Dala Horses mugs in a lively orange and dusty teal design. In December these merry little horses won second prize in the Pedlars Product of the Month competition so I thought it was about time they went onto a mug. The mugs will be on sale at the Carbootique for £7.00 each, and following this online. Just 20 available to start with, so do come along and have a look…

Dalahorse mug


Following the popularity of the first edition, I’ve created a new colourway of the Recipe for Welshcakes. The second addition boasts Welsh colours, daffodil spring-bright colours! These will be available at the market too, alongside the last few prints from the first edition batch.

Welsh Cakes


In keeping with my fascination with drawing faces on things, here is Mr. Squash:

A week today I am heading to Sweden for 10 days to do some drawing, exploring and have a break. I’ll surely be returning with some new ideas, a full sketchbook and hopefully plenty of tales to tell…

Hopefully see you on Sunday x

One Response to “Mugs and prints for the Art Car Bootique”

  1. francesca kay April 12, 2013 at 7:34 am #

    Hi Sarah – the Dala horse mugs are beautiful! I’ve always liked Dala horses because they have so much of a real horse’s liveliness about them. Look forward to them being available online…
    Francesca x

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