Archive | February, 2013

Papercuts and patterns

26 Feb

My Monday started with plans to produce some handcut stencils to screen print – having not done any printmaking since the house move I was feeling the need! The design is a sample page, a combination of images and motifs that can be used in various concepts and images that I make.


The two stencils, one for each colour, took longer than I thought – they always do! So, because the clock was ticking, Inscanned my stencils with coloured paper behind. Et Voila! It produced, digitally, a similar image to how it would have been printed. I’m looking forward to trying this technique out with other designs, and playing more with the third colour created by the overlaps.

I’m going to be having a reorganise of this site very soon to make it easier to navigate as my portfolio expands. Keep checking back for developments, and also some brand new workshops to be confirmed…


This is Orange – illustration for Amelia’s Magazine

21 Feb

This is my first illustration featured in Amelia’s Magazine, for an article on how we perceive colour. I chose orange.

This is Orange by Sarah Edmonds