*NEW* Scandi-horse prints: on sale online and at Milkwood market!

8 Jul

I’m delighted (even at this late hour) to launch my first proper range of screen printed products. These are the Swedish Horses, appearing upon tea towels, canvas bags, as prints on paper and board and of course the original paper cut – now reproduced as a fine quality digital print. I’m pleased with how they’ve turned out, and how different colours vary their personalities. They almost compliment the crazy colours of my sofa, including the mountain cushion I made with this fabric from IKEA…

I’ll be at Milkwood Market at Milkwood Gallery in Cardiff tomorrow selling these, as well as other illustration, print and book work. Also, these items are on sale in my SHOP so do have a look and pass the link on.

The Gorilla’s Guide to Guerilla Knitting is now a digital print, although there are still a few screen prints left. Today really has been a geeky stock-taking / pricing / packaging day but I’m glad to be prepared for the (hopefully busy) market tomorrow.

I really like this blue colour – may use it again on board…

In other news…

I’ve recently joined Pinterest and I’m truly addicted! It’s a useful way of gathering striking /inspiring images together in one place for research and general procrastination. Visit my Pinterest page to see my visual harvest so far – the image below is just one brilliant find…

Enjoy, dear people. I’m off to count sheep.

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