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What Paris is made of and other recent things

27 May

Picture books, trees, shop windows, carousels and croissants: that’s what Paris was made of. It felt like we didn’t look at our watches at all and just followed our noses (and the very nerdy numbered map I’d constructed) to seek out the delights of the city.  Here are some sights and sketchbook pages:

Shakespeare & Co. bookshop – where we sheltered the thunderstorm, I played on the ladders & marvelled at the children’s books, Jen read Wendy Cope & explored the theatre section

Pompidou – reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle


Taking Root

Hat display

Little yellow shed in Jardin des Plantes. While sitting on what looked like a bench (printed with botanical facts), I drew this. An agitated man then informed us that this was a piece of art and that we should leave immediately. Turned out he was the artist, and set the lovely park ranger on us. He was very understanding and let us stay on our perch.

100 year old hand cranked carousel tucked away in the Parc Champs de Mars, horses lovingly restored each with a name painted proudly on its side. I very much wanted to ride it but was too old

Green chairs

Babar! Wonderful exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs

Pretty shop window in Montmartre

In an art book shop on the Canal St Martin, I found a brilliant book, L’Incroyable histoire de la petite souris, written by Ana Cristina Herreros and illustrated by Spanish illustrator Violeta Lopiz. The drawings are absolutely gorgeous and currently my new favourites.  You can see more of Violeta’s work here.

Picture: Les livres helium

In a little book binding shop in Le Marais, I bought 15 vividly coloured pencils which came in a box. This week I’ve mainly been using them to draw cabins, which may become a repeat pattern design or screen print, at some point:

I’ve also been screen printing some more owls, in preparation for a market on Chepstow’s riverbank next Sunday 3 June. Here are the single colour prints (upon the marvellous Lidl paper which is back in stock), and I’m working on some 2 colour ones which will be finished in a couple of days.

Last but not least, two illustrated books I’ve recently bought which are examples of ingenious paper mechanics and inventive storytelling. I am building quite a collection of picture books now, and these are just as suitable (and an absolute JOY)  for grown up children!

The Onion’s Great Escape by Sara Fanelli 

and In the Forest by Anouck BoisrobertLouis Rigaud and Sophie Strady.

Click on the links to look at their individual websites.

I’ll do another post soon with dates of forthcoming markets, new stock in the shop & some character designs I’m developing. Posts might be a little more infrequent for a while as my laptop has eaten its hard drive so having to borrow Matt’s for internetting!

Off into the sunshine to garden. Have a good week all.