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New book: A Button for All Occasions

29 Feb

Tomorrow is World Book Day! Your chance to celebrate favourite stories and characters and authors. And indeed artist books! What attracts me to books is how playful you can make them. I’m interested in creating a unique reading experience through inventive formats, colours, shapes and folds. The content is then presented in a more unexpected way, enabling the idea to step off the page and come alive.

Here’s a ‘Remote Control’ book I made last week and launched at Ffotogallery’s successful the Book Arts Fayre on Saturday.

A double concertina book, this folds out into a series of colourful sections explaining the function of each button – whether that is to make a bus come, be brave, stretch out the weekends or find lost things. It feels like a remote when held, and in that sense it’s interactive. To look inside, click here to see photographs of each side of the concertina.

At the Book Arts Fayre I shared a stall with my friend Ian Watson who’s work I enjoy very much. Here’s a picture of our stall:

Resident DJ and friend Nana Koechek had some work on sale – do have a look at her website .

I love her small zine ‘Can your monkey do the dog?’ and she swapped one of these with me in exchange for a Rhyming Flapjack Recipe book. Here’s the front cover – there’s still a few available in Nanna’s shop.

Opposite my stall was Maybe World, created by Christian Olsen. I was very impressed by the finish and presentation of the books; there was something almost scientific about them. I bought a couple of fun little photo-montage books, which have been created as a way to tell stories with collected ephemera. Here’s a picture of  his stall (very impressed by the fairy lights).

Thank you again Ffotogallery for hosting such a wonderful event… and all the lovely people who bought books and prints.

I’ve now added some more items – books and illustrations – to my bigCartel shop. Including digital prints of Alan, bearded rider of tall bicycles, and the Ideas Cabinet of Curiosities. Also a selection of hand printed books / zines, more of which will be going on there soon.

Click here to visit the shop!

Finally, for all you Twitter types, @WorldBookDayUK has been doing a fantastic job generating excitement for tomorrow with their hash tags. What book character would you be? What would you call your imaginary novel? Join the celebrations here.

If I was #fictionalforaday I would, without a doubt, be Serafina Pekkala from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials. A clever, honest and beautiful witch flying beneath the Aurora.

Next up: an illustration-related post, with a new piece of work and a treasure trove of links.

Did you know flapjacks can rhyme? They can and they do in this screenprint.

13 Feb

Here are some beginnings to my latest printed book, which charts my recipe for rhyming flapjack. As the second colour is still fresh from the screen, I haven’t yet cut and folded the page into its final book form. But as ever, I’m impatient and excited about the finished piece so wanted to put it up here for all to see. Completed, the finished piece will be launched at Ffotogallery’s Book Arts Fayre on Saturday 25 February.

The detail is printed in a dark and dusty plum colour, chosen carefully to contrast (some might say clash) with the yellow borders and backgrounds. The books will be available in the shop from early March.

Below – from last week, a finished print of the Hooper House Cafe, a photo stencil based on the Bristol Cafe which fed us toast and jam. I may even develop this design to create a book based around a shop which sells something more far-fetched or absurd!

We are going to Falmouth in less than two days to visit the fabulous Katy and Ben. I am very excited and will be packing lomo camera and sketchbook (and anticipation of the Seasalt sale shop).

Letterpress Day in pictures

12 Feb

Here are a few photos from the Letterpress course I taught at the Cardiff Open Art School, where we explored both traditional and more playful approaches to the printing of type. ‘Twas a pleasure to run this course – and there’ll be more of these coming in the spring. Keep an eye on the COAS website for future courses (dates to be confirmed shortly).

Two of the people on the course were graphic designers / illustrators, so we had  a lot to talk about. So this weekend’s recommendation is the work of Lucy Daniels, greeting card extraordinaire and Matt Joyce, who works at Cardiff design studio See What You Mean. 

There’s to be a printmaking exhibition… showcasing work produced in the print-related evening and day classes run by COAS. It’ll be held at Howard Gardens campus so you can see some of the photographed work for real. Plus I’ll be putting some of my screen prints in which is exciting – at tomorrow’s class I’ll be printing an 8-fold book called ‘Did you know that flapjacks can rhyme?’ – pictures to be posted here soon.

I’ve set up shop!

5 Feb

My work (well, a selection of) is now available to buy online. Over time I’ll be adding hand printed books, illustrations and the odd crafty thing… for now, I’m delighted to announce that a choice of four colour ways of the Outside a Dog lino print is available to purchase!

CLICK HERE to visit my shop – the Verb Garden, as I’ve named it…

Also… here is a short documentary about Paris’s oldest piano shop (via the Guardian):

I love the hoard of parts and fittings, stored until a certain piano needs mending. When I was little we used to take the front off the piano so I could see the mechanisms at work and since then they’ve always fascinated me!

Enjoy 🙂