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Alan Moore – meet the man behind the protest mask

27 Nov


On a bus from London I’m browsing the guardian site and read a fascinating / thought provoking article on Alan Moore’s V masks being worn by protesters the world over…
I recommend reading the graphic novel!

Another visually pleasing book of the day is White Rapids by Pascal Blanchet.

Beautifully designed with a clever colour palette.

Perhaps I’ll start a book recommending part of this blog?

Ooh bus has arrived in Cardiff!

Hello stranger…

21 Nov

Hello blog. It’s been a while and then some since the last post! Last time I was here it was harvest time with fruit bound for jam jars.

Between September and now much has happened, not least the jam having been eaten and enjoyed. As the leaves changed colour I was somewhere along the lines of running craft workshops, and designing the pop-up wonder that was Cardiff’s Literature Lounge. during October. Following which, I ran off to Brittany with Matthew for a week, enticed by rural market towns and blustery beaches and rest! We played many Scrabble games by the fire and filled up on crepes. Came back with pockets full of ideas and an old book press. I bought it in Becherel, the Breton town of books, sister to our Hay on Wye. I’ll be doing it up over the next few weeks with a few licks of paint and will post up a few pictures. I’m planning to use it for lino printing as well as pressing newly bound books.

Here are a few pictures from the Breton trip for interest / amuseuments:

I want this door

Amazing carousel next to the cathedral in Quimper

The Book Press

Next up: 100 mph dog illustrations, lino printing plans & forthcoming workshops (spaces still available: Festive Letterpress 3 & 4 Dec @ Howard Gardens!!)

And there’s plenty more jam to be made for Christmas…