What on earth is a bicycycle?

8 Jul

Remember Alan? The bearded chap merrily riding a tall bicycle? That’s him. A strange coincidence that someone from an online welding forum found the image, posted it up and there’s been a lengthy discussion about it by the members. Apparently the likeness is uncanny… and Alan himself is pleased indeed. One sharp-eyed person pointed out that I’d drawn/written ‘bicycycle’ rather than ‘bicycle’! I really hadn’t noticed this when designing and am now rather excited that I’ve made up a word.

Here it is: Bicycycle: An unusually tall bicycle constructed from two or more bike frames. Yes!

In other news, this particular illustration has been featured here on the Illustrators Wales website – recent new work from Illustrators. Do head over and check out the work of the other illustrators – I particularly like the work of Lianne Harrison who creates offbeat and eyecatching collage and photomontage.

Lastly check this out: a pop-up picnic with a difference. The Dîner en Blanc — the “dinner in white” is held annually in Paris each year, and three weeks ago 10,000 people dined ‘unannounced’ in two of the city’s most picturesque settings.

Source: New York Times : http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/06/dining/a-pop-up-paris-picnic-is-coming-to-new-york.html?_r=1&src=tptw 

Hopefully there’ll be a few breaks in the weather this weekend to enjoy some of the food festival in Cardiff Bay. Enjoy your weekend!


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