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Strawberry Jam

12 Jul


A poster design for Salisbury based festivities…

What on earth is a bicycycle?

8 Jul

Remember Alan? The bearded chap merrily riding a tall bicycle? That’s him. A strange coincidence that someone from an online welding forum found the image, posted it up and there’s been a lengthy discussion about it by the members. Apparently the likeness is uncanny… and Alan himself is pleased indeed. One sharp-eyed person pointed out that I’d drawn/written ‘bicycycle’ rather than ‘bicycle’! I really hadn’t noticed this when designing and am now rather excited that I’ve made up a word.

Here it is: Bicycycle: An unusually tall bicycle constructed from two or more bike frames. Yes!

In other news, this particular illustration has been featured here on the Illustrators Wales website – recent new work from Illustrators. Do head over and check out the work of the other illustrators – I particularly like the work of Lianne Harrison who creates offbeat and eyecatching collage and photomontage.

Lastly check this out: a pop-up picnic with a difference. The Dîner en Blanc — the “dinner in white” is held annually in Paris each year, and three weeks ago 10,000 people dined ‘unannounced’ in two of the city’s most picturesque settings.

Source: New York Times : 

Hopefully there’ll be a few breaks in the weather this weekend to enjoy some of the food festival in Cardiff Bay. Enjoy your weekend!

Circles and pies

6 Jul

This weekend I’m going to the Printhaus to learn how to screenprint. I’m excited – looking forward to learning a new printmaking process which lends itself to areas of my work – illustration and books.

An idea I’m fiddling with at present are circular lotus-books which each show a recipe. Pies, crumbles and pizzas (or indeed anything that looks good on a plate or in pieces) can all be illustrated like this. An idea to play with in time for my exhibition at the SHO gallery this September.

Meanwhile, here’s one I did earlier – my mum’s INCREDIBLE and WORLD FAMOUS apple and gooseberry crumble.

I’m going to send this little gem to my friend Alex, as part of our handdrawnrecipes project. Feel free to have a go at baking this and let me know how you get on!

More foody books coming soon…

Alan and his bicycle

3 Jul

We recently met a gentleman named Alan. Alan is a metal sculptor from Ross on Wye. He is enthusiastic about Russian motorcycles (incidentally the reason for our visit…) and bicycle transformation! Old broken half-bikes become tall and fantastical at the hands of Alan and his welder. This is an illustration of the man himself. Head over to his website, Art in Steel, to find out more about him…