Garden treasure (and monster)

29 Jun

Here is a picture I put together, based on real events in the not so distant past… slugs are not my favourite creatures in the garden, but worse still if they surprise me elsewhere.

When constructing this illustration (a mix of collage and pen), I especially enjoyed working on pale grey paper rather than a white page- it makes the colours stand out very well, and also allows for an interesting use of white (the surprise slug, for example).

So, back to the garden – this evening we dug up the first potato plant to reveal a treasure trove of brand new tatties! I love the splashes of pink on these, and the teeny tiny button-potatoes still forming on the roots.

Evening gardening after a day at work is so refreshing – to dig, pot, water and harvest as the sun goes down and then indoors for a cup of camomile – lovely! So far we haven’t lost too many plants to the slugs (perhaps they are full up on other things…), and eagerly await the beans and tomatoes.

I recently discovered Folly For A Flyover, a pop-up cinema and performance space with a difference – in that it located underneath a motorway! In the words of the project:

‘On 24th June, a building will appear in the gap between the east and westbound traffic of the A12. Transforming the cavernous undercroft where the motorway crosses the Lea Navigation Canal, Folly for a Flyover will host a six week programme of waterside cinema, performance and play. Hand-built with local, reclaimed and donated materials, the Folly draws influence from the surrounding red-brick buildings of Hackney Wick, posing as an imaginary piece of the area’s past, a building trapped under the motorway.”

The project and events are taking place right now and for the next few weeks – what a great idea! Visit their website to see pictures of the construction process and find out more about what’s happening when.

Coming next – an illustration which I’m colouring and tweaking at the moment – “Alan and his bicycle”.

PS – I still have Butternut Squash plants in need of homes (in Cardiff) – comment if you’re interested!


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