On a stormy Sunday

31 May

On Sunday – between naps, snacks and visits to four VERY lovely Al-Pacas in a neighbouring field – I illustrated to my heart’s content. Sundays are good for that. Especially when Monday is a day off too. So here are some things:

Driving back home, we passed several fields of very square looking cows which inspired this:

Then, I got stuck into characters for the ‘Word-Up’ letterpress piece, which resulted in this:

I will be making around 20 limited edition prints of this one! They’ll be available soon – keep an eye out here.

After that, I used a Coptic bind to make a book with a difference. Behold, a paper pear:

Finally, I drew my mum’s kitchen – a place of whistling kettles & cats & baking – on a long sheet of parcel paper:

I also discovered the delightful knitted creatures and textiles of Scottish designer Donna Wilson. Do head over to her website / shop. This plate is one of my favourites.

Another blog you should definitely subscribe to is toseainasieve by the talented Amy Windridge, who’s knitting habit is well worth a look at!

There are also plans in the pipeline for a garden-inspired 2-d animation, a collaboration between myself and Matthew Simkins. Very exciting. More on that soon…



One Response to “On a stormy Sunday”

  1. Amy June 24, 2011 at 9:54 am #

    Aw, thanks Sarah!

    I’ve only just seen this as I’ve been pretty lax about the internet recently (think a bit of a detox is no bad thing from time to time, especially when in involves gallivanting in London looking at Egon Schiele drawings and eating obscene amounts of Turkish pastry…!).

    I’m excited to see how your animation goes – I’m doing collaborative animation too at the mo. It’s a lot of fun. Especially when one remembers to charge the camera battery before the shoot and doesn’t have to discover that it’s impossible to remove it without removing camera from tripod and hence moving all the angles and hence having to throw away two hours work. Hohum! It’s all a great big learning curve.

    Take care x

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