16 May

I was lucky enough today to stumble across the work of Lim Heng Swee. Particularly like the Doodle Everyday project, where a doodled illustration was produced each day for a year. Click on the picture to see more of his daily doodles, commissioned work and prints for sale.

Browsing through the doodles made me consider how I’m often drawn to daily-projects, often happening for a month or year. Often from the speedy doodle or spontaneous photograph will emerge an idea which develops into a full-on project or art piece. My favourite drawing began life on a Tapas menu, for example.

So here for your interest and delectation – a few more creative projects / something each day – perhaps you might like to try one? It is a good way to liven up your day – although it requires dedication and self-discipline to continue!

The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project is an unusual creative challenge taken on by a woman to wear the same dress for an entire year. The real challenge is that her outfit has to look unique every single day.
Other people have followed suit and taken on the challenge for a month, as a fundraiser. I’m really keen to do this at some point, independently. It would be an exercise in realising how much of the wardrobe isn’t worn, and encourage creative dress-up times EVERY DAY! 

Keri Smith: Create A Thing A Day a Month

Guerilla Artist and Illustrator Keri Smith is out to inspire and nurture creativity – her ‘Thing A Day A Month’ project not only showcases pieces of work she made during the project but sets out tasks and challenges for you to try too. I see a lunch-hour challenge coming on.

Have you ever taken part in making / doing something each day? Or a collaborative project? Do share your experience / links in the comments box below. 

What will you doodle tomorrow?


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