I love the long weekends…

2 May

Last Friday, when glued to the Royal Wedding (yes, I watched it, enjoyed it and partied afterwards), I imagined Prince Harry suddenly realising ‘shit! I’ve forgotten the rings’, in true Hugh Grant style. Followed by some winking and secret signals to the audience, he manages to acquire something surprising for the lady to wear… and hilarity ensues, narrated by Huw Edwards… So how did the Owl and the Pussy cat get their ring? That’s right, they bought it off a pig. Below is my first foray into font design, thanks to the custom brushes tool in Photoshop. Really pleased with the result, and look forward to working more with this technique.

On Saturday I visited the Book Arts Book Event at the Arnolfini. Three floors of stalls selling limited edition prints and artist books – bliss! I spent a good few hours rooting around and chatting to the various artists, and bought several pieces of work. It’s brilliant to support people who are making what they love – and with it some inspiring and high quality creations.

Artist & Printmaker Liz Lake had a pleasing range of brightly printed fabric and pages, while small press Trigger Editions showcased books carefully crafted from withdrawn library stock. I still have a few old tickets and pockets harvested from library work – and have plans for them soon!

I also enjoyed the selection from Bristol’s Here Gallery which included these Flip Books, work by Swedish illustrator Camilla Engman,  Picture book Seasons by French Comic Artist Blexbolex, which I bought a copy of, and UpperCase magazine (pictured) which I very much recommend! Click on the front cover to find out more…

On Sunday I had the enjoyable task of painting the name on my mum & dad’s little boat. It is to be called ‘ The Pea Green Boat’ and here you can see an action shot of me donning some painting overalls! Painted the name on each side, slightly different size but that’s the charm of it. Looking forward to setting sail again soon…


Today was a day of letterpress printing. Using the brass type set up before for the Verb Garden room book, I began producing the multiples ready for my limited edition run of 16 Verb Gardens, available soon. Here are a few images: vivid ‘Burst’ contrasts with more earthly ‘Bare Earth’, while I also printed up the text for a new image, ‘Word Up’. This will be a character illustration with the text as a speech bubble. 

Exclamation marks – new wooden piece bought in Bristol!

Lastly, we were thrilled to see some activity in the garden. A week ago we dug, seeded and watered our patch in the back garden, and lo and behold, rocket has sprouted. Also poking above the soil is spinach, basil and potato. Let it grow!


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  1. Amy May 10, 2011 at 8:24 am #


    I think your blog is lovely, so I have given it an award. You can see it here http://toseainasieve.wordpress.com/

    Have a happy Tuesday x

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