Verb Garden

6 Apr

Mishearing can be the beginning of a new idea, a strange word, a fresh language. When I heard ‘Verb Garden’ instead of ‘Herb Garden’ I wanted to make a book / environment to portray this idea. The format of the ‘room’ book is an exciting technique I plan to explore further. Verb Garden – seed of knowledge – changing language – translation – wordplay…were some of the ideas surrounding this piece. To see further photographs of this piece, click HERE.

I printed the outsides with letterpress type (here you can see the chosen prints following my printmaking session!), and the inside lettering is produced on a typewriter. The tap-dance rhythm of typewriter keys is music to my ears!

Verb Garden will be exhibited at the Slunks Hair Design Gallery from April 8: click HERE for more information and head on up there to visit the piece, plus work by a range of talented Cardiff artists.

Limited edition / unique Verb Gardens will be available to purchase soon. Get in touch if you would like further details  / keep an eye on the blog for updates!

One Response to “Verb Garden”

  1. Julie Shackson April 7, 2011 at 2:27 am #

    I love room books, and this one is wonderful!

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