Just my type…

5 Apr

To my geeky delight I have some new letterpress type, and so today printed some text with it. As the type wasn’t the right height to use in my Adana press, I used the crude yet versatile technique of holding the words together with masking tape. I would strongly recommend this!

Above are various tests, proofs and colour combinations. I am making a book right this minute called ‘Verb Garden’ which will be exhibited in the Slunks Exhibition (opens this Friday, 184 Whitchurch Road Cardiff). The chosen prints aren’t in this picture and I will be posting up the finished piece tomorrow. I know, cutting it fine as usual!

Meanwhile, while in Edinburgh I was lucky enough to stumble upon an evening of Book Arts at the Fruitmarket Gallery, a gem of a gallery nestled next to the train station. Met some inspiring artists including Gabriella Marcella and also Lucy May Schofield, curator of the Bibliotherapy Artists Book Library. Lucy gave me a ‘prescription’ of books about adventure and escape – I admired her cataloguing of the varied collection and felt very motivated / calmed / thoughtful afterwards. I strongly advise you to head on over to their sites.

Over & out for now.

One Response to “Just my type…”

  1. Julie Shackson April 5, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    What’s this? You go quiet and then two posts in two days!
    Woo wooh that letterpress type looks fab! Lovely to see you yesterday. Big hugs xxjxx

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