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Ruby the Kune Kune

21 Apr

 This is Ruby, a marvellous Kune Kune piglet who wriggles and rootles around too quickly to be drawn properly! However quick sketches look a lot livelier and these are what I managed before she changed position. Here they are – I added some colour later on in Photoshop.  Had fun making my own brushes from hand drawn letters, excited about the prospect of doing this with alphabets printed in the press.

In other news, this photograph shows some newly acquired GIANT wooden type from ebay. Random letters, all sorts of sizes & weights –  and the height will work in the Adana presses too which is a bonus. One letter per chase perhaps!

Then, a conversation in the hairdressers about these mavellous letters may have lead to a commission / project….witter witter….more on that soon! Hoping to complete my print run of the Verb Garden by the end of the month.

Anyway, I’m off to the south of sunny Devon for a long weekend. Determined to go in the sea!

Meanwhile, check out Caitlin Hinshelwood’s goregeous flora & fauna prints and textiles (featured recently in Amelia’s Magazine) and also the Cardiff Arcades Project run by photographer Amy Davies.

Enjoy yourselves, more next week x

BigLittleCity Exhibition: grand opening this Thursday

12 Apr

I have spent a thrilling half an hour this evening sharpening pencils. All for a good reason – my contribution to the BigLittleCity Exhibition, which opens this Thursday, is an interactive project called Postcards from Cardiff. People will be telling and scribbling their stories of Cardiff onto postcards, and writing tools are therefore a necessity!

5000 blank postcards, with brief instructions were brought into the world last week. They will be distributed around the whole of Cardiff and also available from the exhibition. The format is similar to the Shoe Tales project which I curated last year, and the project has something for everyone.

Share a memorable Cardiff moment…A gem of local knowledge, a top tip. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, tell us your experience of Cardiff, what you love and what you don’t. : You can use this postcard to promote your own work / inspire others / say something about this city and be part of a BigLittleNarrative.

The postcards received will be displayed for the duration of the exhibition. The space will also be built upon, for example quotes from completed postcards will be written on the windows.So keep visiting!

If you would like to take part, you can make your own postcard and post it free to the address in the photograph. You don’t necessarily have to use one of our Big Little City postcards. For example…

Feel free to contact me ( if you have any questions about this project or would like to take part.

If you’re free please do come along to the opening of the exhibition this Thursday. All of the artists on show are very talented and it has been a pleasure working alongside them. Not to mention photographer and BLC project leader Mr. Daniel Green, my hat goes off to all your hard work and encouragement!

Now, back to those pencils…


Verb Garden

6 Apr

Mishearing can be the beginning of a new idea, a strange word, a fresh language. When I heard ‘Verb Garden’ instead of ‘Herb Garden’ I wanted to make a book / environment to portray this idea. The format of the ‘room’ book is an exciting technique I plan to explore further. Verb Garden – seed of knowledge – changing language – translation – wordplay…were some of the ideas surrounding this piece. To see further photographs of this piece, click HERE.

I printed the outsides with letterpress type (here you can see the chosen prints following my printmaking session!), and the inside lettering is produced on a typewriter. The tap-dance rhythm of typewriter keys is music to my ears!

Verb Garden will be exhibited at the Slunks Hair Design Gallery from April 8: click HERE for more information and head on up there to visit the piece, plus work by a range of talented Cardiff artists.

Limited edition / unique Verb Gardens will be available to purchase soon. Get in touch if you would like further details  / keep an eye on the blog for updates!

Just my type…

5 Apr

To my geeky delight I have some new letterpress type, and so today printed some text with it. As the type wasn’t the right height to use in my Adana press, I used the crude yet versatile technique of holding the words together with masking tape. I would strongly recommend this!

Above are various tests, proofs and colour combinations. I am making a book right this minute called ‘Verb Garden’ which will be exhibited in the Slunks Exhibition (opens this Friday, 184 Whitchurch Road Cardiff). The chosen prints aren’t in this picture and I will be posting up the finished piece tomorrow. I know, cutting it fine as usual!

Meanwhile, while in Edinburgh I was lucky enough to stumble upon an evening of Book Arts at the Fruitmarket Gallery, a gem of a gallery nestled next to the train station. Met some inspiring artists including Gabriella Marcella and also Lucy May Schofield, curator of the Bibliotherapy Artists Book Library. Lucy gave me a ‘prescription’ of books about adventure and escape – I admired her cataloguing of the varied collection and felt very motivated / calmed / thoughtful afterwards. I strongly advise you to head on over to their sites.

Over & out for now.

hello stranger

4 Apr

It has been a while since I last posted! Lots to show and tell you – including pictures of recent workshops, future exhibitions, tales of Celidhs, printmaking adventures, of salmon-men & new ideas.

For now – this is a man we overheard in the Dirty Dick’s pub (marvellous Haggis)… [Best read aloud in thick Scot accent! ]Pen sketched from life then coloured digitally.

More very soon…