In which Shoe Tales took a trip to the Book Arts BookFayre.

9 Oct

The Book Arts Book Fayre, held at Ffotogallery in Penarth is a brilliant chance to catch an array of hand-cut pages, prints and curios. It was a great opportunity to see the kinds of projects and work other people were producing, talk through ideas, and compare experiences of being, essentially, handmade, home spun publishers.
I was lucky enough to have a stall there to showcase (and where possible sell) the concertina books I produced for the Shoe Tales exhibition. The past week was mostly spent juggling my everyday working self with a frenzy of book production, folding, cutting and sticking as many books as my hands could manage in the run up to the fayre. Here are a couple of images of the book, which will be on sale, on line in the next couple of weeks.

I met many collectives and individuals working on book arts projeets and print runs. One of which was Parlour Press, a collective of five ladies founded on a love of making beautiful books. Check them out here!

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