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Owl play

31 Jul

Yesterday afternoon I made time to make stuff. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in work and endless to do lists that sometime these simple acts of creativity can get forgotton. There are so many things that don’t get finished or need staying on top of constantly. It’s a busy world and I feel that by taking up various craft processes you can achieve that sense of completion, of making something and finishing it.
Therefore! Below is a recipe for tapping into your creative side, and having a jolly good time while you’re at it. Enjoy!

Craft Afternoon (serves 1-6)


-An afternoon
– A floor space, or table
– Some ideas: think what you’d like to try and make, whether it’s a project you’ve been wanting to work on, a technique you’d like to try.
– Materials: Use the resources you have around you – fabric, paper, scissors, old carrier bags, printer, pens….the list is endless. You could raid your wardrobe for clothes you haven’t worn for a while. Make one thing into something else!
– A friend or two
– The biscuit tin
– The internet (for reference and looking stuff up quickly)
– A notepad – for writing down the brilliant ideas that may stumble your way.
-A camera – take some pictures of your handiwork and fun!

Yesterday my friend Alex came over, and we spread books and materials all over the floor. When our conversation turned to felt making I remembered I had some felting needles and roving: I found them. So we then had a go at needle felting, using a needle, a piece of foam and some bright turquoise felting wool. It’s surprising how much wool you begin with, but then the more you poke at it the fibres start to blend and get smaller. We made the small turquoise owl. And then realising we had quite a lot of owl-related paraphernalia, took the above photo!

So, schedule a date – maybe next week? – when you can set aside some time for being creative. It’s so refreshing, and very addictive!

Flag making on a rainy evening

26 Jul

Flag making workshop…..tonight!!

15 Jul

Tonight I’m running a flag making workshop at the lovely Milgi Lounge in Cardiff. We’ll be making colourful flags to contribute to a giant piece of bunting made by women all over Wales.What story might your flag tell? Of a faraway place you visited once, or of your home town? A portrait of a childhood object? Words that describe your favourite shoes?

We’ll have an array of materials for you to use; you’re also welcome to bring your own cast offs and fabric scraps. This is part of WAA’s Keepsakes project.

See you there!

Be Inspired…Get Involved!

Women’s Arts Association are teaming up with those creative types at Milgi to host a

Flag-Making Workshop.

Come and share your recycled fabric, stitches and stories!
A range of exciting materials will be provided, but feel free to bring some things of your own as well. Join us for a creative summer’s eve of craft, sewing, stitching and decoration!

Thursday 15th July

A great way of supporting WAA and helping us to raise £1,000
in support of the Keepsakes community arts project…

The Yurt – Milgi
213 City Road, Cardiff, CF24 3JD

£5 on the door


With help from our busy team of volunteers we’ll magic your flags into beautiful bunting to be exhibited in the autumn. This is

a great way to support WAA’s new community arts project, Keepsakes.

For more info about Keepsakes and to download a flag template – visit the WAA website:

Tel: 02920 487850

To Deborah…

5 Jul

Photos of my bookmarks are now on the blog! Visit the current projects page to see them all and for more information!