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Grandfather clock…

30 Jun

Please visit the illustration page for new additions – a man with three hats and a grandfather clock!

A proper hello!

17 Jun

Welcome to my blog-shaped slice of internet – in the near future I’m hoping it to be full of things I’ve made, curiousities, projects and generally a place to share what I’m doing. Go have a look on the illustrations and workshop pages, for there are a few things there already. It’s been a busy month or so – alongside having 3 jobs for a little while,  I’ve just completed 100 bookmarks for the Book Arts Research Centre at UWE Art School, Bristol – for more information about this project click here.
Over the next week or so I’ll upload photographs of some of the book marks made.

My making space is also bulging, things tumbling one on top of another, as it often is when I’ve just completed a project! odds of paper tangled with thread and wool and a small paper owl has just landed.  Anyway!
Next up: planning a bunting workshop for The Women’s Arts Association, to take place in Cardiff’s Milgi Lounge on Thursday 17th June. More coming soon!!!